Women's Studies

The Feminist Majority Foundation Online

Don't miss this site. A comprehensive presentation of material from health care to politics, from university issues to activism. Be amazed. Be glad.

Global Fund for Women


An international organization which focuses on female human rights. It supports issues as diverse as literacy, domestic violence, economic autonomy, and the international trafficking of women, among others.

The First Shift Project


All modesty aside, this is a terrific site about women and work. Collaborative projects by Women's Studies faculty and students.

Distinguished Women of Past and Present


Biographies of women who contributed to our culture in many different ways. Includes writers, educators, scientists, heads of state, politicians, civil rights crusaders, artists, entertainers and more.

Women's Studies Resources from InforM

The Mother of All Women's Studies Websites. Includes syllabi, conference announcements, job listings, government docs, calls for papers and more.

Feminist Film Reviews

From those amazing women at the University of Maryland. Get InforMed.

National Women's History Project

These are the folks who initiated National Women's History Month! A good resource for program ideas.

The Third Wave

Are you Ready?

fem•mass personal homepages of the female masses. these are incredible. go here.
Feminist.com A lively, large, political site.
Women's Studies/Women's Issues Resource Sites Very comprehensive listings. Kept current. Maintained by Joan Korenman.
NOW They're old pros at this stuff.